Be empowered to create your own unique images for your business!

Whether you want to create images for your website or social media, client workbooks, or commercial products like oracle cards, it can be achieved with AI.

In these 1:1 Interactive AI Art sessions, you’ll learn about what’s involved in creating AI art, all while we create some amazing images for you.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom, and are designed to be a fully interactive, learning (and fun!) experience.

You bring to the session 2 image concepts that you would like to work on, and together we’ll take it from a concept, to some rough drafts, and to a more polished final result – using AI art tools that you can use for FREE!

As we go, I’ll explain everything I’m doing, all the techie stuff, all the basic settings, and give you some tips and tricks to get the best results from the AI. And you can ask me any questions you have along the way.

And if you want to use images for print, I can also give you some tips to upscale the images to the size you need, and get the best quality results.

By the end of the session you’ll not only have some lovely, unique images that you can use for any purpose (personal or commercial), you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create more whenever you need.

90 min session: AU$188 (approx. US$130, €120, £100)
2 hour session: AU$222


I use, and can teach you, a variety of AI art generators. In these sessions, I focus on teaching you tools you can use for free, such as LeonardoAI, PlaygroundAI, Automatic1111* and InvokeAI*

* Note, to be able to run these on your computer, you need a modern graphics card with at least 4GB of vRAM.

I can also teach you Midjourney – let me know at the time of booking if you are interested in learning this..

We can create images of almost anything – with the exception of images of a very specific subject, be that a specific person (such as yourself, your partner, friend relative), specific animal (such as your pet) or specific object/product (ie if you’re a jewellery maker, we can’t create images of your jewelry).

In order to create images of a specific subject like these, we would first need to train the AI to recognise it, using many photos of the subject. This sort of training is quite involved and time consuming, and so is beyond the scope of these sessions.

Also, please note that I have more experience with creating “art” style images (see the images on this page for examples) than photo-realistic images. Photo-realistic images are often much harder to get right, and therefore take a lot more time and effort.

I recommend running your image concepts past me first, to ensure that they are something we can easily work on, before booking a session.

Its very hard to put a number on it!

Given how long it takes my computer to render images, potentially we could generate 80+ images during the session. BUT beware – many of these will be crap! 😆

How many good, usable images we get is impossible to quantify, and will be dependent on the images you want to create, and the AI gods 😁

Generally speaking, more photorealistic images are much harder to get right than painting/illustrations, and images of humans or animals are harder for the AI to get right than images of landscapes or flowers.

I would be surprised if you didn’t get at least 5-10 really good images for each of your image concepts out of the session – though please understand that I can’t give any guarantees.

The size of the images created vary depending on the AI art generator used. Some have built in upscalers, which will upscale your images to over 2000px.

If you need larger images, the images can be scaled up using various AI image upscaling services, and we discuss this further during the session.

The images can be used for both personal and commercial use. Some uses include:

  • social media
  • websites
  • book or album covers
  • printing on products (eg T-shirts, mugs, tote bags)
  • posters, cards etc

Whether AI generated works can be copyrighted is not at all straight-forward, and will very much be dependent on the country you live in. So if you need copyright over the images we create, that is something you would need to look into.

I can only say that any images we create during the session will belong to you, for you to use however you wish.

I do ask that you grant me permission to use them to promote my Interactive AI Art sessions (to show others as examples of what can be created), but if you would prefer I not, just let me know.

I don’t think that these AI models should have been trained on artist’s work without their consent, and that artists are entitled to be compensated for this.

However, the argument that it is copying or ripping off artists comes from a place of not understanding how AI art generation actually works. This image explains it all far better than I can! 😁

I see AI art as just another tool – like Photoshop or a camera – to create images. And just like any tool it can be misused.

I choose not to use text prompts telling the AI to create art in the style of any one specific living artist, as I feel uncomfortable doing so.

I believe everyone should decide for themself how to use AI art in a way that fits with their own values and ethics – but it should be done from a place of understanding how the technology works.


If you’re interested, the first step is to let me know what image concepts you’d like to work on during the session, so I can make sure that its something that can be achieved during our time together.

Note that its better to keep your image concepts more general and open, rather than more specific (the more specific, the longer they usually take to get “right”) or with too many elements.

Examples of general image concepts which would work well for these sessions:

  • a mystical lotus flower
  • an angel with a space background
  • a fantasy forest bathed in moonlight
  • a flower garden with butterflies
  • a stunning tropical beach at sunset
  • a beautiful woman with pink flowers in her hair
  • a woman sitting meditating on a mountaintop
  • a wolf spirit guide

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