Keep your website stress-free

WordPress is a software that requires some TLC to keep in tip-top shape. Not keeping it up-to-date can result in all sorts of issues, including increasing the risk of hacking, and errors which can break your site (or just make it look plain unprofessional!).

As a solopreneur, your time is better spent running your business, than running your website.

Concentrate on what you do best, and let me handle all the tedious maintenance tasks on your website, for the ultimate stress-free website experience!

TLC for your website

Two simple plans that can have you resting easy, knowing that your website is being fully looked after.

Care Plan Only


  • All listed “inclusions”
  • 30mins of tech support or content updates per month

Care Plan + Hosting


  • All listed “inclusions”
  • Premium hosting on fast web server
  • 1 hour of tech support or content updates per month


  • Weekly backups
  • Backups kept in secure storage for 30 days
  • Monthly updates to WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Ongoing monitoring to make sure your website is up and running
  • Website visitor stats
  • SEO optimisation plugin to supercharge your search engine ranking
  • Image optimisation plugin to ensure your images don’t slow down your site


You’ve invested good money in your website, and its important to ensure that it gets regular updates and care. Not doing so could make your site vulnerable to bugs and hackers.

Not at all! Care plans are completely optional, so you can opt to do the regular maintenance work to keep your site up to date and functioning optimally yourself. For those clients that don’t feel confident in doing all of that, or that don’t have the time, a Care Plan is a good option.

I can attempt to fix the issue for you at my standard rate of $100/hour. I can’t give any guarantee of whether I will be able to fix it or how long it might take.

With malware or virus infection, it can often be very difficult to completely find and remove all infected files, and so the site may get re-infected again. In such cases, I refer clients to specialist website security services such as Sucuri.

Note that in the case of website security, prevention is better (easier and cheaper) than cure!

I usually don’t take on the hosting or care of sites that I didn’t build, as I’m not familiar with how they were set up and what tools and plugins they use.

However, if you have a website built by someone else that you really need care for, get in touch and I’ll take a look at it for you.

There are no set up or cancellation fees for either plan. You may choose to cancel your plan at any time, and it will be terminated at the end of your billing period.

Please note that if you can cancel the plan with hosting, I will create backup files that you will need to have restored at your new host.

The included support and content update time can be used to have me add or edit your website content, troubleshoot any issues you may have adding or editing your content and installing and setting up new plugins.

Please note that the monthly hours do not rollover/ accumulate.