Quick & Easy Websites

Putting off getting a website because you don’t know where to start?

So many small business owners get caught in the trap of thinking they need the most perfect, comprehensive website possible from the start.
The result is that they get stuck trying to get something happening – but it’s never good enough, it’s never “done”. Or they don’t even get started, because it seems too overwhelming, or they think the budget simply won’t stretch that far.
But there is another way!

The Quick & Easy website way...


Start Small

and strategically, by building a simple website with only the essentials you need to launch.


Test and Assess

your website over time to ensure it meets the objectives of your business.


Expand the site

with extra pages, features and functionality as your business (and income) grows.

Wouldn't you like to:

launch a website in less than half the time?
save money by reducing your upfront costs?
grow your website as your business grows?
breathe easier and stress less about launching a site?
make sure the website is working for you before expanding it?
start attracting new business NOW?

More reasons to relax with a Quick & Easy website

Fully responsive
Your website will look  great on any device
Optimised for speed
A fast loading experience for your customers
Search engine friendly
Your website built with SEO principles in mind
Easy to update
Easily update your own website content

Quick, Easy and Affordable!

A Quick & Easy website is a strategically crafted, foundation website (or landing page) to get your business presence online QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY.

Start with either a one page (also known as a landing page) or a 4 page website, with all the essentials you need to attract clients or customers, and measure your website’s effectiveness and growth.
FREE domain name
managed website hosting*
SSL certificate*
set up of 1 email account
links to social media
Website editor
Website training
Website visitor stats
Weekly backups*
Submitted to Google
Mobile friendly design
Optimised for speed


+ $20/month OR $220/year *
1 page, up to 5 sections

1 round of revisions

3 pro stock photos

30min website training

Built in 5 business days
Enquire Now


+ $25/month OR $275/year *
4 pages

2 rounds of revisions

5 pro stock photos

45min website training

Built in 10 business days
* Ongoing monthly/yearly website maintenance fees cover website hosting, SSL certificate, and domain name renewal as well as everything needed to keep your website running smoothly, securely and speedily – such as image optimisation and CDN, security monitoring, weekly backups, upgrades to and licensing of website software.

Website add-ons

Additional Pages
Need more pages? No worries, add as many as you need!
$120 per page
Additional Email Accounts
Get as many extra email accounts as you need set up
$40 per account
Newsletter / Mailing List
Collect email addresses and send newsletters or run email campaigns
Social media integration
Integrate your social media accounts into your new website
from $40
Image Slideshow
The perfect way to showcase your photos
from $160
Booking Form
Need to book appointments or reservations?
from $120

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't understand some of the terms on this site? Can you explain them?
Sure can! If you’re confused by any of the technical terms or jargon used throughout the site, see my glossary of web design terms for an explanation.
What type of domain name is included?
Registration of a .com, .com.au, or.net.au is free with a Quick & Easy website. Other domain name extensions may be an additional fee. 

I will register the domain name of your choice, so long as its available to be registered. The domain will be registered in your name, with my name listed as the technical contact. This means that you own the domain, not me!

I will keep your domain registration valid for as long as you are using, and paying for, a Quick & Easy website. If you choose to discontinue the service, you will need to maintain the domain registration yourself.

* Please note that special requirements apply to registering .au domain names, which you will need to meet. See details.
What if I already have a domain name?
The domain registration records will need to be updated to point to your new Quick & Easy website. I can either do this for you (in which case I will need the access details to your domain account), or I can give you instructions for how to do this yourself.
Can I host my Quick & Easy site elsewhere?
No. Part of the reason the Quick & Easy websites are so affordable is that I have everything for them already set up and ready to go on my own server. To set this all up on another server/web host would take considerable time, and therefore it does not make it cost effective for me to do so.

If you wish to organise your own web hosting, you should consider a custom built website instead.
How are website fees paid?
Quick & Easy websites require the build fee ($400 for Landing pages, $650 for Starter Sites) to be paid upfront before work commences. This can be paid by bank deposit or credit card.

On completion of the website, your maintenance subscription is initiated. You can choose to pay this monthly or yearly, via credit card or Paypal. Note: yearly subscriptions receive one month free.

Payment is due in advance of each subscription period. If for any reason payment is not received by the due date, your website service will be suspended. If payment is more than 30 days overdue, your website will removed from the server.
How long will it take to build my site?
The initial build time is stated in the package details above. This is the time it takes me to build your site once you have provided everything I need to start (such as logo, text and photos).

Once the site is built, you have the chance to review it, provide feedback and request revisions – the time this takes varies from client to client. The site usually goes live within 48 hours of you giving final approval.
What platform is the site built on?
All Quick & Easy websites are built with WordPress, the world’s most popular website software (it powers more than 30% of all websites online). WordPress has been around for many years, and proven itself to be reliable, secure, flexible and extendable, with a huge community of users and developers.

The websites are hosted in the cloud, with super fast data centres in Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Cloud hosting means better website performance, stability and security.
Still have questions? Contact me, and I'll be glad to help.
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