Website Rescue Service

Not happy with your current website?

Is your website working effectively as for your business as it could be?

Whether your current site is a little out of date, you cringe when you refer a potential client to it, or it just isn’t doing its job, I can help!

I can review your website and give you the gentle truth about what it would take to rescue it from its less-than-ideal state, and get you the most effective website for your buck. That may mean anything from giving it a bit of a face lift to giving it an overhaul.
How I can help

I’ll provide recommendations and options about what you can do to make your site work better for your business, including:

  • fixing anything that’s not working properly
  • improving the design and content to better appeal to your target audience
  • optimising its speed and performance
  • boosting its search engine friendliness.
And best of all, the review is completely free – absolutely no cost and no obligation! 
You can use the information I provide however you choose.

3 simple steps to get your website back on track



Fill out the form below with your name, contact details and link to your current website.



I’ll review your website and confirm a date and time for the FREE consultation call.



During our consultation, I’ll provide recommendations, and you can ask me any questions you may have.

This is for you if your website is:

not working or broken
too slow to load
not looking good on mobile devices
looking a little tired or out of date
something you’re not proud of
not attracting new business
being targeted by hackers.

Ultimate Peace of Mind with my Website Rescue Service

Mobile Testing
Does your site work properly across all screen sizes?
Performance Audit
How fast is your site, and what’s slowing it down?
Search engine rank
How search engine friendly is your site?
Content & Design
Is your design and content making the right impression?

Website need rescuing?

Please fill out the form, and describe any issues or problems with your site in as much detail as possible. If there are problems with specific pages or images on your site, please list them.

Once I’ve had a chance to review your site, I’ll be in touch to schedule a time for a consultation call.
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