Custom Built Websites

A fully bespoke website solution for your business…

A custom built website is fully tailored to the requirements of your business or organisation from start to finish. It is carefully crafted to showcase your business, so that it reflects your values and tells your story. Your website is the world’s window to your business, and a custom built solution will deliver a site that gives the best impression possible by being attractive, engaging, and user-friendly.

Whether you already have a website and need it redesigned, or a looking for a brand new “brochure”, gallery or ecommerce (shopping cart) website – or something completely different – I can create just what you need.

Price Guide

The prices below are a guide only. For a better idea of how much your website would cost, please request an estimate, or book a consultation call.
Unlimited pages
2 round of revisions
Contact form
Pro stock photos
Website editor
Website training
Submission to Google
Mobile friendly design
Optimised for speed


Ideal for small business, personal projects, weblogs & more.
Built in 2-3 weeks
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Perfect for photographers & artists to showcase their work.
Built in 3-4 weeks
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All you need to sell your products & services online effectively.
Built in 4-6 weeks
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Included with every website...

Search engine optimisation
Your site will be optimised for better search engine rankings.
Speed optimisations
Your website will be fine-tuned to load as fast as possible.
Online website editor
An easy to use website editor will allow you to edit your content yourself.
Free Training Session
Live training via video call to show you how to update your own website content.
Responsive design
Your website will be optimised to look good on any size screen.
Custom Design
Custom design to best suit your business. No templates used!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't understand some of the terms on this site? Can you explain them?
Sure can! If you’re confused by any of the technical terms or jargon used throughout the site, see my glossary of web design terms for an explanation.
Can you redesign my existing website?
Yes, absolutely! Whether your website is old and outdated, broken, or just not working as well for you as you’d like, I’d love the opportunity to recreate it into something that better suits your needs.

The cost to redesign a website can vary quite a lot, depending on the website itself, how it was built, and what parts of it (if any) you’d like to keep. So please contact me to discuss your specific needs.
How are projects invoiced/paid?
Custom built websites require a 50% deposit to be paid before work commences, with the remaining 50% due once you approve the completed site, and before it goes “live” on your domain name.

Payments can be made by direct deposit or credit card.
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Can I choose my own web hosting?
Yes, you can host your site with whichever web hosting company you like, you just need to ensure they meet all the necessary technical requirements to host the website. I can check this for you.

Alternatively, I can host your website for you. In this case, your website will be hosted in the cloud, with super fast data centres in Australia, USA, UK, Europe and Asia. Cloud hosting means better website performance, stability and security.
Do I own the website you build for me?
This isn't an easy question to answer! Once you have fully paid for your website, I transfer ownership of all components of the website that I have the right to transfer, to you. This essentially includes all website data, plus the overall design of the site.

I cannot transfer the rights to the software the website uses, stock photos or fonts used in the design, web server applications etc. 

If I host your website for you, then you are able to move it to another web host at any time. I will provide the necessary files for you to migrate the site.
What platform do you use to build the site?
Non-ecommerce websites are built with WordPress, the world’s most popular website software (it powers more than 30% of all websites online). WordPress has been around for many years, and proven itself to be reliable, secure, flexible and extendable, with a huge community of users and developers.

Ecommerces sites, are either built with OpenCart, or WordPress + Woocommerce, depending on the specific requirements of the site.
Still have questions? Contact me, and I'll be glad to help.

Interested? Get a free estimate today…

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Or better still, schedule a free no obligation consultation call. It will allow us to discuss your website needs in more detail, so I can give you an accurate quote.
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